Posted 26 March 2017 
My thanks to everyone for posting their comments on this is encouraging to hear that others in my age group share the same beliefs. According to the Office of National Statistics 71 per cent of pensioners have now become regular Internet users. For a generation of post-war baby boomers the prospect of discovering a favourite website is a great way of escaping the uncertainties of this crazy world, and this is not some misty-eyed melancholy getting the better of us; it reflects the way we feel about the world we now occupy, or at least the little corner of it that we feel comfortable with. All in all, the younger generation, who have known nothing else but EU rule, will soon begin to experience a change for the better and understand why my generation enjoy our trips down memory lane to the good old days when the UK flourished as an independent sovereign nation and embraced a wider world.
Once again, my sincere thanks to everyone for the feedback – it makes the compilation of this website all the more worthwhile.

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